Enertech Solutions works through your needs down to the last detail.

Demanding construction projects, managed by excellence

Our expertise coming from over fifty projects benefits our many activities in the commercial, educational and health sectors, each involving specific management attentions and skills.

In the health sector, for example, our knowledge of architectural standards and of the legislative framework has overseen complex projects of restoration and modernization of hospitals. Énertech Solutions have been invited to participate by many institutional organisms including Integrated Health and Social Services University Network for West-Central Montreal, Integrated Health and Social Services University Network for West Montérégie and the HEC university.

We are construction project management masters.

Enertech Solutions makes construction project management his speciality:

  • Based on integrity and rigour in the client’s service
  • To the best of the client’s interests and understand their projet’s jeopardy
  • Honoring energy efficiency and sustainable development

Backed by our technical and legal knowledge, we are able to help you right at the business case stage of the project. We will insure to identify and integrate all the importants stakeholders starting at the project charter. A peculiar attention will be brought during the planing stage of the project with the professionnels in charge of the project by having in objective to eliminate most of the unknowns possible and validate with the users at each design stages. The execution restraints are includes at this very critical step and reflected in the scope of work to ensure a smooth execution of the actions to accomplish. For reducing the impact of the shut downs for your critical services or for including the nosocomial infection control process to eliminate the dusk propagation, we are listening to your concerns.

Thanks to our large experience, we are able to establish the most adapted procurement strategy that suit your situation and that help you get the best price available on the market. We can help you in the elaboration of the contractual documents and in the publication of ç the public bid tenders. Our commitment for detail get to a smooth execution and good control of the construction works and limit the request of change order as low as possible. A peculiar attention is brought during the closing phase of your projects to reveal the deficiencies of the contractors and guarantee to get the best quality/cost ratio.

Thanks to a maximum use of available resources, we notably ensure:

  • Being on budget
  • A precise and detailed schedule
  • Proper security settings
  • Site meetings
  • Well-oiled coordination between the architects, engineers, general contractors and the users
  • Reports of the works progress

Project management in energetic efficiency

In addition to our project management experience in construction, we have developed a speciality in the energetic efficiency. Our experience in this domain can makes you reduce your energetic consumption bill and contribute to also reduce your carbon footprints. Let’s stress our most recent collaboration in the health system with the project management of a 18 millions energy efficiency project distributed over 10 healthcare buildings that makes saving over 1.4 millions dollars per year.