The greatest energy efficiency possible for your house

Accredited by the HRAI (The Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditionning Institute of Canada), we notably ensure the proper sizing of heating and air conditioning equipment for small residential buildings under 6,000 square feet and up to 3 floors (Article 9 of the Quebec Construction Code) by working with two types of customers:

  • HVAC Contractors: Give your customers a proposal based on a specific load calculation that sets you apart from your competition.
  • Owners of new residential building: Make your contractors of choice bid from the same load calculation so as to better compare the proposals.

The best standard for your comfort

We apply the CSA standard F-280-12 for equipment power calculation in new buildings.

Make sure you have load calculations conform to the CSA standard F-280-12 to be eligible for government subsidies. A precise thermal load calculation constitutes the foundation of an ideal climate comfort and energy savings in new residential construction.

According to the plans and specifications of your new home, we will be happy to submit you a service offer for the thermal load calculation and recommendations for the most efficient heating and cooling solutions in the market including geothermal technology.

APH Select by the SCHL

What Is APH Select?

APH Select is an innovative collaboration between APH and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), offering Mortgage Loan Insurance with tailored flexibilities for multi-unit property owners. This product promotes affordable, accessible, and climate-compatible housing by providing enhanced loan-to-value ratios, extended amortization periods, lower debt coverage ratios, and reduced insurance premiums. It’s designed for properties with 5+ residential units, supporting affordable and eco-friendly property development and refinancing.

Advantages of APH Select:

– Reduced down payment requirement.

– Amortization periods extended up to 50 years.

– Lower debt coverage ratio (1.1 instead of 1.3).

– Maximum allowable loan-to-value ratio.

– Reduced insurance premiums.

– Decreased minimum debt cover ratio.


APH Select for New Construction:

APH Select assesses energy efficiency enhancements in newly constructed or partially built structures compared to baseline buildings according to the 2015 National Building Code. This determines compliance with energy consumption and greenhouse gas reduction criteria.

APH Select During Renovation:

The program evaluates energy efficiency improvements in buildings undergoing renovation by comparing them to a reference building. This confirms adherence to energy consumption and greenhouse gas reduction benchmarks.

Maximizing Advantages:

To qualify for APH Select, borrowers must achieve a minimum of 50 points across three categories: Energy Efficiency, Accessibility, and Affordability. Enertech Solutions provides services for the Energy Efficiency category.

Energy Efficiency:

Specialists ensure compliance with improvement criteria and certifications for energy efficiency using appropriate simulation software.


APH Select emphasizes accessibility, measured by the number of units conforming to standards.


Eligibility criteria are based on tenant median income for both existing properties and development projects, with affordability standards applying for at least 10 years.