Molecular Pathology Laboratory

Jewish General Hospital

With the launch of the Molecular Pathology Centre, the Jewish General Hospital takes a great step forward for the development of personalized medicine in Quebec. In paving the way for this medicine, molecular pathology reinvents cancer treatment. Instead of tackling cancer with an all-purpose treatment like chemotherapy, doctors begin by examining the molecular profile of the tumour so as to identity unique characteristics called biomarkers, which in turn reveal its vulnerabilities. The project’s complete cycle, which included a $4M budget for construction and a $4M budget for biomedical research equipment, stretched over 24 months. The laboratory occupies 12,000 square feet on the 6th floor of Pavilion E and is host to 40 researchers.

The third largest of its kind in Canada, this centre includes research laboratories on biomarkers, laboratories for the development of PCR-related techniques, as well as molecular development laboratories, in addition to an educational component with more than 30 residents or students on the floor. Many support rooms complement the spaces, including a freezing room, a cryogenic chamber and robotized equipment rooms.

As it has ensured the project’s success and met the objectives of the establishment and its users, Enertech has served as the institution’s representative. From the concept development phase to the development of plans and specification for construction, It has also acted as an intermediary between the institution’s clients, professionals and technical services department.

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