Modernization of laundry

Jewish General Hospital

To reduce energy consumption and labour costs, the Jewish General Hospital (JGH) has begun automating its laundry and replacing its obsolete washers and dryers. The hospital processes more than 15,000 pounds of soiled linens per day over two shifts.


Equipment start-up and commissioning

The Jewish General Hospital has decided to operate its washing facilities with continuous process and acquired a new tunnel washer and high-efficiency natural gas dryers. This has eliminated a shift of 10 employees and generate recurring savings that financed the project construction costs.

The main challenge of the project has resulted in monitoring the phased construction schedule of 10 weeks to reduce the costs of subcontracting for laundry while work was in progress. The handling and installation of equipment in the basement of Pavilion B, where the ceiling height is restricted, was another great challenge

Budget: $2 million in construction and machinery costs
10 weeks of construction

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