Waste Management

Jewish General Hospital, Montreal

With a view to optimum waste management and in conjunction with the construction of the Pavilion K dedicated to critical care, the Jewish General Hospital launched a project to modernize the waste and recycling compactors and increase its volume capacity.

With a $650,000 construction budget, the project led to an 800 square feet expansion of the department in pavillon B, the replacement of three compacters and a ventilation system upgrade to reduce foul smell from waste treatment in the hospital. The project’s phasing, which ensured the continuity of service throughout the construction process, was the main challenge faced by Enertech.

Enertech served as the institution’s representative so as to ensure the project’s success and meet the goals set by the users and the establishment. We were the main contact point between the client, the professionals and the technical services department. The project was delivered on budget.

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