Energy Saving Project (ESCO contract)

Jewish General Hospital, Montreal

Always in the pursuit of energy reduction efforts and sustainable development, the Jewish General Hospital began in 2011 the completion of Phase II of an ambitious ESCO energy performance project. Fuelled by its expertise in this type of performance contract, Enertech has represented the hospital’s interests throughout the contract negotiation process and has ensured the implementation of measures that provide annual recurring savings of $370,000.

The following energy saving measures were implemented :

  1. Geothermal energy and heat recovery
  2. Conversion of steam heating system into a hot water heating system
  3. Steam network optimization
  4. Heat recovery from flue gas

The main challenge of the project involved coordinating planned outages for the replacement of chillers and hot water boilers as well as for the drilling work for the open loop geothermal wells. Enertech has ensured the coordination and the implementation of the measurement and verification plan for savings tracking, as well as the installation of energy meters that ensure continuous performance of the new equipment. After 18 months of construction and a contingency fund of less than 2% on the $7.5M budget, the project was completed in March 2014. A real success for Enertech and the Jewish General Hospital, on both the technical and budgetary fronts!

Budget: $7.5M
18 months

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