Bathrooms Renovation

Residential Care Center St-Andrew

This project was a good opportunity for the owner to perform an update of two bathrooms located on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the building. Every bathroom has a therapeutic bath, a shower and a toilette. The needs required by the chief nurse have been included to design a brand new fresh bathroom that includes also new equipments to improve the experience of the patients, as the radiant heating panels installed on the ceiling above the therapeutic bath to keep the patient warm. The infection control department was consult to remove all items that are hard to clean properly and could be an infection nest.

Enertech Solution acted as project manager consultant. Our knowledge have helped to perform a good cost control of construction, as also the execution schedule. Each request of change have been analyzed to get the best price on the market to the owner. A peculiar attention to the needs of the user have been realized to permit the project to answer at his best at the awaiting of the users and made them enjoy their new working environment.

Project particularities :

  • Target the users needs
  • Create a comfortable environment for the patients
  • Replace the existing therapeutic baths
  • Correct the floor drainage slope
  • Works executed in a healthcare building
Budget: 210,000.00$
6 months

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